Our business is Integrative Energetic Medicine and our aim is to assist you in solving your 'problems'. If you would like solutions and results, we are here to help you resolve your issues, be it  your health, how you navigate through your life or getting you where you need to be.


How we can

Help You

The guiding principle of what we do is to work with, modify and integrate all aspects of you – that is, your mental platform, your emotional intelligence and level of perception and your physical body.

We work with numerous systems and protocols at the same time –  to bring all the relevant aspects of your life and level of health into a new perspective and show you how to keep the momentum going. The outcome is the resolution of your 'problems' and you can 'create' or 'correct and create' your life. All our sessions are individually tailored to you and are results based – the result that you require.

We assist you in identifying, understanding and helping you reach your full potential. We help you to 'tap into' your personal aspects of power and show you how to work with it. You then have the ability to operate at an elevated level and guarantees an 'exit' from the mundane of everyday living where life just happens to you.

The moment you connect with your power and learn how to use it to create your life - everything changes - possibilities and synchronicities increase, growth and opportunities become endless.


What we do

Our sessions incorporate instructional techniques specific to the person’s individual concerns. We teach you techniques derived from the martial arts and brainwave entrainment exercises which are amazingly effective in calming the mind and the emotions. This has the effect of bringing balance to a person quickly and very efficiently.

Balance is critical. There is no use correcting or strengthening an aspect of a person if there is physiological or mental or emotional imbalance already in play – everything remains unstable and then often problems becomes more amplified.

The scope of what we can do is by looking at the health of a person’s physical body, their current mental platform, their history, their level of emotional intelligence and their understanding about how everything fits together for ‘them’! Its purely an integrative approach.

The three main areas that we look at:



Automatic Thinking Patterns


How you think affects everything in your life mentally, emotionally and physically.


We show you  how to operate from a balanced and consistent pattern of thinking which brings balance to your mind, your emotions and your physical body.


We teach you techniques and show you the tools that empower you to deal with any issues that may occur in the future.


Imbalance and Perception

Chronic emotional states can impact and impair every area of our lives as well as shutting down aspects of our physiology causing health problem if they are not dealt with.


When we hold on to (and live from) intense and long held emotional states – it affects our ability to make decisions and the choices that we make.  But mostly it affects our overall emotional intelligence which affects our perception and how we react and interact with people in our lives.


 Pain & Disease States

We work upon the energetic structure and patterns of the body to re-establish circulation in your skeletal, muscle and organ systems – this has an immediate effect upon any pain conditions and disease states  you are experiencing 

 Working with the body’s electrical (energetic) system allows us to bring you physical relief quickly and efficiently and delivering the result you desire.


You are then able to start creating and living your life to it's fullest potential. 

" A unique experience that resulted in real and positive change with both my physical and emotional wellbeing! I feel I achieved more in 5 sessions than my previous 3 years of counselling"


                                                                   C.M. Retail Manager

"I am indebted and very grateful for the help I've received. I came with physical ailments but I had everything treated. In a few short months I was on the path I was meant to be. I highly recommend this practice"

                                                                        B.P. Musician 

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