What we Treat

Energetic congestion in the body can present as chronic pain, pulled muscles, organ problems, metabolic disorders, fatigue or injuries and ailments that don’t fully heal.

Because the body’s energetic or electrical system is multifaceted and inter-related, we are able to treat a wide array of health issues.


Chronic Back, neck, shoulder pain

Hip Pain, Sciatica

Slow to heal Sporting Injuries

Headaches, Neuralgia

Shoulder problems, arm& wrist pain

Limb Weakness


Inflammatory conditions

Poor Circulation, numbness, pins & needles

Breathing difficulties, Sinus complaints

Vertigo and dizziness

Fatigue and poor energy levels


Urinary Tract Disorders

Digestive disorders, Chronic Constipation

Men & Women’s Health and infertility

Stress related conditions

Emotional imbalance, Trauma, Anxiety


As well as treatments to address individual concerns, we also offer a range of treatments for specific areas of health maintenance. These are excellent to stimulate recovery and healing in specific areas of your body’s physical and energetic system, restoring natural cycles and balance improving energy flow and promoting optimal health treatments for:

Compromised Immunity and fatigue 

Energetic Lymphatic Drainage

Infertility and pre-conception treatments

Digestive disorders, Liver detoxification, Bladder & Kidney Treatments

Post Operative Treatments to speed up recovery

Cancer Support - Adjunct treatments for chemotherapy