How we Treat

“It is by virtue of the 12 channels (the meridians) that human life exist

that disease arises that human beings can be treated and illness cured” 


Lingshu Jing Spiritual Pivot


Integrative Energetic Medicine is a system of modern energetic medicine that draws on the specialised knowledge of the body’s energetic structure and it’s relationship and affect (effect) on the physical body.

We offer a new way of treating pain and difficult to treat conditions that gets real results.

We work with the body’s energetic or electrical system. The techniques we use combined with our knowledge of the body’s energetic and physiological systems means we can successfully treat a wide range of conditions ranging from the physical to the emotional.

We use what is appropriate for your treatment from the respected fields of Chinese medicine, ayurvedic, medical qi gong and other modern energetic modalities to provide a precise solution to your health concern.

We have an in depth understanding of the workings of the meridians, the energetic centres, the intricate connecting pathways and channels that exist between them, as well as how stress, trauma, accidents and shock affect the body and the symptoms and stress they can cause. What we essentially do is resolve and remove congestion in the body that can present as chronic pain, pulled muscles, organ and metabolic disorders, fatigue and ailments & injuries that just won’t heal.

It is because we treat this way that we can successfully resolve problems and treat a wide array of conditions where other treatment types often only achieve partial or temporary results.

Essentially the underlying nature of our bodies is energetic. It is made up of specific pathways, large & small energetic centres, meridians and frequency fields which permeate and move energy around the body. This system influences every part of our physiology affecting how well it operates. It is this system that provides the strength and flexibility to our muscular and skeletal systems, the support of our various physical and metabolic processes, the ability of our organs to function efficiently and dictates how quickly we can recover from illness or injury.

By resolving areas of congestion and restoring free flow of energy, pain disappears, lingering ailments heal, your strength returns, you start sleeping better, you absorb nutrients from your food at a higher rate, you handle stressful situations better, your body regains its vitality and your mind feels more balanced.

By treating via energetic structures of your body, we can initiate healing at a cellular level as this is the level where dis-ease states are held. We also take into consideration how the mind impacts the body, its physiological processes and one’s emotional responses not only to trauma, stress or injury but to our day to day lives.

All emotions have specific frequencies. Negative emotions cause the energy in our bodies to contract and congest in particular areas and our organ systems can become affected. The more prevailing an attitude or a stress response, the greater the congestion in a specific area of the body. This occurs because the free flow of energy in the electrical system is affected and what can result is that pain is felt in the form of muscle or joint pain, hip, shoulder, neck or back problems, headaches, digestive disorders, the propensity to catch colds easily, fatigue and wounds & injuries fail to fully heal.

Stress as a disease state is widely recognised as the driver of most disease processes creating the biochemical seed that can take advantage of existing weakness in your body. These weaknesses exist because of impaired energy flow through your energetic or electrical system. Stress can have many forms.

As well as treating specific concerns, we also teach specialised techniques that assist in speeding up the healing process.


“If you wish to see why your body is the way it is then look at how you have been thinking for the past 10 years. If you wish to see how your body will be in 10 years time – then look at how you are thinking now” Budda