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Integrative Energetic Medicine 


"I have always known about Energy Medicine but never imagined it would be on my personal radar – let alone work for me – until I discovered Tracey.

Your skill is beyond anything I have known. Your deep scientific knowledge, your wide understanding and application of Chinese Medicine and especially your inner knowing of healing with energy is something many would benefit from.

After only 2 sessions with you and the encouragement you offered, I began to feel and see improvements in my health without the need for any heavy medication. This was truly inspiring as nothing I had heard from the so called ‘experts’ had given me any hope of healing. The way you work is wonderful, gentle and extremely powerful. It is clear to me now that although conventional medicine has a powerful role to play in society – it cannot help me especially with the chronic skin issues I have suffered.

I know your work can help others as it has helped me recover from a very dark and desperate place. Other practitioners could only offer stronger and stronger drugs with horrific side effects." Liz Mc

"I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for the last 5 years after the birth of my first child resulting in a physical injury that modern medicine could not fix. After trying many types of treatments and approaches I had almost lost faith in ever getting better physically and mentally. A friend recommended Tracey to me and I was keen to give it try with my main goal to alleviate my emotional state as I had given up on the physical problem ever being resolved. I had no experience of energetic healing and didn’t know what to expect. In our first session we went through what had happened to me at the physical level causing the depression in the first place and Tracey’s reaction was that she would fix this as well as the emotional imbalance.

After the first session, it was as if I was back to my old self for the first time in years, and my physical symptoms were almost gone. I could not believe it. After my second session, I was looking at the issue from a distance instead of being consumed by it. Even people around me noticed something had changed. I would recommend Tracey to anyone suffering from physical, mental or emotional issues. You don’t have to understand what’s going on, but she knows what she is doing." Judith D


"I see Tracey regularly to help me balance my emotional state, ground me and keep me strong in the hyper connected and over stimulated world we currently live in. her integrated and holistic approach is what I see as critical to keep up good health and she is my ‘go to’ if I have any physical ailments, I highly recommend Tracey. She not only heals but she is also a wise counsel in navigating the sometimes tricky human journey." Avril M (Author)


"I can’t speak highly enough of Tracey and her practice. Before seeing Tracey, I was on lots of different medications, continually seeing specialists and never truly finding relief, answers to my problems or the help and support that I was after, all that changed the minute I walked into Tracey’s Practice. I went in with an open mind as I wasn’t sure what to expect. Our first session had such a significant and positive impact on me that I knew I finally found the right place and the right person to see me through my digestive health problems, I can’t begin to describe the change in my health and life that Tracey helped facilitate. She has helped me come off medications (with the support and knowledge of my doctors), work through emotional issues, provide support and advice and most of all her wonderous hands and mind and approach which my body desperately needed.

The difference with Tracey and the IEM practice is that she truly cares for her patients, she takes the time to understand the problems and her treatment is personalised to your needs, and it is complementary to other medical approaches. I honestly don’t know where I would be without the help I received from her." Amy J (Legal-Financial Services)


"Tracey is the eternal professional with a warm heartfelt attitude towards the practice of Healing and Medicine. We have exchanged thoughts, concepts and ideas for many years, and has prompted me to delve into other avenues of thought. You will be In great hands with Tracey." Rodd Sanchez (Dr of Chinese Medicine)


"I was treated by Tracey for a collapsed lung after lengthy bouts of pneumonia and pleurisy. To this day my GP still struggles with the fact my lung recovered as quickly as it did, but I have the x-rays to prove it!" Genny M (Teacher)


"I never thought I’d hold my beautiful baby girl! Thankyou Tracey!" Michelle O (Social Worker)


"If you have tried everything and live with pain everyday – this form of energetic medicine will change your body and life permanently. You will wish you discovered it sooner." Claudia C (Designer)


"I have been to Tracey for both physical and emotional issues.

The depth of healing has been profound and the results quite spectacular. She has a remarkable knowledge of the physical and the energetic and she works with both to get lasting results!"  Ana W (Practitioner)                                                                                                        


"Tracey is an amazing healer! I had chronic pain in my left arm that 4 moths of physiotherapy and acupuncture sessions didn’t resolve. I found her website and decided to give it a go. What I like about the treatments was how the patient was treated in a holistic way, so not only looking at the physical pain but also the root cause in the psyche. When the emotional issue was dealt with the pain improved until I was completely pain free. I can’t thank Tracey enough for her help and her compassionate nature in helping me deal with my situation and I recommend her to anyone without reservation!" Carolina S


"Too often in western society we turn to psychiatric drugs – stuck in our view that the world is the way it is and that our reality is the only reality available to us. After suffering an extremely traumatic experience, Tracey helped me to resolve the trauma and provided methods of self discovery and self empowerment that are just not available within the scope of garden variety psychiatrists and psychologists and the like.

I take conventional medication but I would never have been able to progress or transcend my life that had been upended by trauma. Out of all the services I tried after the trauma, this emerging method of treatment was an emotional saviour!

I have learnt so much, like a lot of who we are consists of energy, that miraculously animates and drives the body’s systems. IENMed provides natural solutions that address imbalances and distortions that allowed me to recentre and develop a velocity for how to achieve happiness and to feel in change of my life."  Dale R (Financial Advisor)


"Tracey is an exceptional Healer and I consider myself lucky to have found her. It was a daily struggle for me, I had severe vertigo, dizziness and migraines most of the time and I was juggling 2 young toddlers. I was at a loss after trying a number of different doctors and therapists for over two years, plus having to go through a myriad of tests and treatments with no positive results.

Tracey knew how to treat me and after a few sessions I didn’t have the vertigo and even walk a straight line. The migraines resolved soon after that. I am so thankful and I recommend her highly!" Ada L (Practitioner)


"I suffered from fractured frontal lobe head injury back in 1996 which left me with many health related problems including migraines, fatigue and hypersomnolence. I was on strong codeine every day for half my life just to deal with the aches and migraine pain and modafinil to stay awake to hold down a job. I had tried everything to resolve these issues with no real success. After my 3rd session I noticed the pressure and pain around my head decreased to a point where I didn’t need the pain killers to get through the day. By the 4th session Tracey was able to do for me what the doctors couldn’t seem to do in 22 years. I highly recommend seeing Tracey. She is a complete professional and knowledgeable is so many areas of medicine. She shows a sincere and genuine concern for her clients and has a rare and natural ability to connect with the parts of us that need healing." Viv N (IT)                                                                                                                                                                                                              


"After wasting months and thousands of dollars with no results, I saw Tracey for help for the pain that I was in, and the chronic fatigue I experienced every day. I had immediate results and got off the harmful drugs that were prescribed to me. The results baffled my doctor as the results were fast. Tracey has a great understanding of how the body works and what it needs. The results speak for themselves. Even my doctor acknowledges that the results are better than what he can do." Graeme M (Transport)


"Two words – Game Changer!

I arrived at my first appointment with Tracey carrying over 25 years of significant emotional trauma which I wanted to face head on and release from my life. I can not put into words how powerful this and the other sessions were for me.  I’ve done a lot of energy work on my past but nothing could match the significance of these sessions. I’ve continued to see Tracey on a regular basis and cannot thank her enough for everything she does and the energy she gives to her clients." Jaimie A


"Consulting Tracey as literally been life changing. I not only feel like a new person – I am a new person! With Tracey’s treatments and guidance I’ve well and truly freed myself of negative, ingrained and unwanted behaviours and patterns. This has allowed by body to find balance to heal from within – physically, emotionally and spiritually. My migraines, IBS and other ailments are a thing of the past. I’ve never felt healthier, stronger nor happier. The unexpected bonus is that it also had a flow on effect to my family. I can’t recommend her enough." Megan W


"When I came to see Tracey I was in a very dark place in my life. I had a very hard upbringing with violence and abuse. I found comfort in drugs and alcohol till that wore thin.

While I had been clean for years and thought I was happy with myself, I wasn’t… I had to do something as my wife and my child were not happy being around me as I rarely smiled or laughed. I was very sceptical about coming to see another counsellor as I felt it was always a quick fix with minor results as they didn’t delve into the problem. I had a friend who was seeing Tracey and spoke highly of her. I decided to make the call and take the plunge. I felt pretty calm when we first met as her voice is calm and soothing. We spoke about my troubles and straight away she could see me struggling with my past and my demons. She told me she could help me come back from the darkness. All her techniques are different from the other people and I felt relief from the first session. It took about a month of weekly visits and it worked wonders. I tell you I feel like a completely different person and my family are happy with the results!" Domonic M (Engineer)                                                                                                                                                                                                        


"I am in total awe of Tracey and the work that she does. I was feeling stuck and very much like I did not have control of my own life. These blocks manifested as physical ailments and I was not in a good headspace at all. From the moment I met Tracey I realised she was someone I could confide in, there is so much kindness and care in her work and the whole experience of working with Tracey has been one of the most empowering and healing experiences of my life." Yianna T (Practitioner)


"I travelled for 10 hours on a bus and train to see Tracey after hearing her interviewed on the LowTox podcast. I simply followed my gut feeling that she was who I needed to see. I have suffered immense anxiety, relationship issues and self confidence blocks and my family has been in severe dysfunctional mode for a long time, none of us thriving. I have visited countless therapists and doctors and none have been helpful. After three sessions with Tracey I feel more empowered, lighter and less stuck in reaction mode, than I ever have. I feel excited about life again, back in creating mode and my relationship has gained new life immediately simply through what ever wizardry she uses. I was so impressed how she really listened and understood what was holding me back and helped me in a sincere and secure way to ‘let go’. I recommend her whole heartedly and I am so glad I followed my instincts." Sharni M


"I first saw Tracey after a period of great loss. I had lost both my parents and my soul mate over a 3 year period and I had a lot of pain. I thought I was dealing with my grief by getting back to work and life but there was a huge hole that never seemed to fill following each passing. Life wasn’t as sweet as it was before. Working with Tracey was the salve my heart needed to come to terms with the loss of those I very much loved. I knew instantly at my first session with Tracey that she understood me and could help me move through this. Her gentleness, wisdom and perception allowed me a space to come to different terms with my loss and gave me great insight into aspects of myself. The hole gradually healed by working with Tracey.

Intellectually I cannot explain what Tracey does, but the difference she has made to my life and how I feel is enough for me. I no longer need to understand intellectually, rather I accept with gratitude that Tracey entered my life and helps me to be the best person I can be." Carole P (Lawyer)


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