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The treatment of physical issues remotely works because of the mechanisms of electromagnetism as well as the type of energy used.

There are dissecting fields of influence – some coming from the mind, some from our physiology, some from our environment and personal situations – all with both electrical and magnetic components that can be influenced.


The energy used in distance work functions very differently compared to when we are ‘face to face’. It often has more leverage because it operates from a higher resonance as well as being able to bypass the resistance of some of the energetic fields. There can be ‘resistance’ around an organ system (because of a specific holding) or an aspect of the energetic field being influenced by the mind body interface.

Distance work uses an energy of higher functioning with a set of parameters that isn’t disrupted by day to day interactions and the resultant ‘static’ created in our field.

Working this way provides quick, efficient and effective results on all levels of your physiology, your mental platform and your emotional intelligence.

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