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What is Integrative Energetic Medicine?

It is a melding of our vision and conceptual development, our years of treating and learning from our clients and where we see Energetic Medicine going in the context of critical direction for the times we are in, its impact on ever evolving disease states and its accessibility for use by both Practitioners and Patients.

It is the treatment of physical disease states and injuries, its training of new concepts and understanding and it’s the development of Self in the Unified Field.

Because every disease state is always a multifactorial response to what is happening in a person – not only physically but mentally as well, we saw the need for a different perspective and toolbox that goes beyond what is currently available to get real results.

Our current medical models and complementary therapies tend to focus on a set of symptoms or conditions or a particular part of the body, and this is where people can fall through the cracks in terms of a permanent resolution to their problems or achieving a complete return to health. This is usually because the primary cause will often be outside the person’s presenting symptom set. We attempt to address these short falls to not only get results but to assist people to become more potent versions of themselves.


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Tracey originally studied bio-medicine from the perspective of cellular biology and pharmacology. Later becoming acutely interested in the 'unseen' forces that operate in the body, Tracey has studied extensively in the fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Medical Qi Gong and Modern Energetic Medicine, amongst others.

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